A new website!

Please bear with us for the next few days. We’ve moved our website to a new server and to a new webmaster. We are still working on all the bells and whistles and still testing our format, so please don’t be too critical.

Fond memories. Our old HTML based website...

We’ll soon have a new organized directory of helpful and educational links. We’ll also have all of the testimonies and articles from the old site moved over, updated and re-edited, and hopefully with some more recent photos as well.

Please note that I have a new email address for contacts to this website: Cynthia@exjwslosangeles.org.

If you see any problems with the website and would like to contact the webmaster, please email: webmaster@exjwslosangeles.org.

The webmaster has promised that when everything is done, we’ll have a nice new, easy to read, and easy to update website. There will be an upgraded comment system and email notification whenever a new article goes up. That’s what the webmaster guarantees – so we’ll hold him to it!

Let us know how you like it. Send us your testimonies, meeting experiences, photos and videos relating to our group activities, our members, or other subjects of interest to the Ex Jehovah’s Witness community.

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