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Whether or not to Celebrate Christmas

One day before the Christmas Day Holiday, I received an email from a former Jehovah’s Witness that said: “I know it is not the day Jesus was born. Fact. I know that it is a pagan holiday. Fact. “This year … Continue reading

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A Protestant Visits the Kingdom Hall

By Bridget Anderson I never did get to visit the KH when I was doing the study with the JW ladies for six months. So I figured this time of special “new light” would be a good time to go! … Continue reading

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Mark’s 2011 Watchtower Memorial Experience

How the Watchtower is changing focus: The Memorial is one thing that Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate that has so much relevance and is even more inescapable now. It’s even more fated now than ever before. Why is this so? “Mark,” a former JW … Continue reading

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