Candace Conti at Walnut Creek Meetup

Candace Conti and her attorney, Rick Simons, appeared at our Walnut Creek Meetup on July 14, 2012.Candace-Rick-2

Holding nothing back, Candace shared her personal story as an active non-baptized Jehovah’s Witness child molested by a JW brother “in good standing.” When she approached the elders at her Kingdom Hall and asked them to do something to protect the other children at risk, they refused. They told her they had to follow the Watchtower Society’s guidelines when dealing with accused pedophiles. Those guidelines do more to protect and hide criminals than to provide safety and help to their victims.

Years later, she connected with attorney Rick Simons. Simons had direct experience dealing with child abuse cases and participated in many of the lawsuits filed against the Catholic Church. From the beginning Candace made it clear that she did not care about winning any monetary damages, but rather wanted to find an effective way of forcing the Watchtower to change its policies.

The videos below document their presentations. These video are all on YouTube and will soon be on Vimeo. Several other websites are giving them prime exposure including (Randy Watters), (John Hoyle), and (John Cedars).

Please share these with everyone you know. Encourage them to pass them on to their friends as well. We want this message to go viral and eventually be seen by every current and former Jehovah’s Witness, their friends, and their family.

Do not worry that anything in the videos might be too personal or confidential. Everything Candace and Rick share with the audience is either included in the court case transcripts or is available on other public records (i.e., Megan’s Law Register). I’ve deleted a couple comments that might have been just a bit questionable (including one of my own).

Not only are these videos educational, but you will see that Candace and Mr. Simons are quite entertaining at times. Enjoy…



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