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Are you a former Jehovah’s Witness? Or, are you a current Jehovah’s Witness who is unhappy and looking for guidance or a helping hand as you try to leave that lifestyle behind?

Have you been disfellowshipped or disassociated? Are you the victim of abuse, mistreatment, or shunning by JW family members or former friends? Let us help you.

Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses of Los Angeles and Orange County invite you to join us for fellowship and support. We hold out our hands and offer you true Christian love and guidance.  Although we try to follow Christian principles and ethics, our group is non-judgmental and non-denominational. We invite all former Jehovah’s Witnesses to come join us – no matter what your religious beliefs might be at the moment. No one in our group is going to try to convert you.

Feel free to contact us by using the automated form below. Someone will get back to you as quickly as possible and let you know when and where our next Meetup will be held. We are all volunteers and friends who have already traveled that long road toward recovery. Some of us are still on that journey…

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