Ex JWs Meetup in San Diego

Carol Hartman of Ex JWs San DiegoBy Carol Hartman, Support Group Facilitator

The San Diego area Ex JW Support Group meets in a friendly, non-threatening atmosphere. This monthly meeting is coordinated with “Meetup.com” and you can sign up for information there if you want to be notified when we have our meetings.

Please see the group’s meetup website at:
San Diego Ex JW Meetup.

I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness from the time I was 8 years old, when my parents became JWs in 1945. I was a loyal, fanatic Witness for 36 years. In 1981, I decided that the Watchtower could not be Jehovah’s organization because they kept changing what the “truth” was, and I knew that God would not be changing His mind about what was “THE TRUTH.”

Like many ex-JWs, I was very disillusioned, and had no interest in religion for the next seven years. Then I learned who Jesus really was, and realized how much I wanted to have my sins forgiven. What I found was not the “one true religion,” but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I have been a Christian since 1988.

Because of my own experience with the Watchtower, I have a strong desire to reach out to Jehovah’s Witnesses who are willing to listen, and especially to ex-JWs. Since I am aware that many ex-JWs are very disillusioned and are not ready to think about God or the Bible, there is absolutely no pressure to talk about this at our meeting. I believe that people first need healing from their wounds after leaving the WT. If someone does want to talk about the Bible or religion, we can arrange another time for this.

For further information, please contact Carol at: c.hartman@att.net

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