Raymond Franz

Raymond Franz

Raymond Victor Franz, 1922-2010

It was announced on June 2nd that Raymond Franz passed away due to injuries he suffered on May 30, 2010.

Mr. Franz was a much-loved and respected Christian all of his life. As active and dedicated Jehovah’s Witnesses, he and his wife served for over 40 years in various assignments, primarily in the Caribbean and at Watchtower headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. He was a former missionary and member of the Watchtower Society’s Governing Body. Since the early 1980s, after leaders of the Watchtower Society excommunicated him, he lived privately and quietly in the southeastern United States.

Franz spent much of his time writing about his experiences as a Jehovah’s Witness, publishing Crisis of Conscience and In Search of Christian Freedom. These two books are among the most widely read personal essays on the history and teachings of the Watchtower Society.

According to sources close to his wife, Cynthia, Ray requested that there be no funeral or memorials. We will publish further announcements and links to other sites as more information becomes available to us.

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[This article was first published on Ex-JW.com on June 2, 2010.]

2 Responses to Raymond Franz

  1. woodrow walker says:

    I don’t know about many of you folks, but I do believe many articles in the WT penned in the 70’s had his spirit guided by our father on its pages. I sorrow at his loss but one day I hope to shake his hand.

    • smarts says:

      The Feb. 1982 Time magazine wrote up the report of his dismissal from Watchtower headquarters. That was the start of my healing…….I contacted Ray Franz, got a personal reply and I was on my way to Freedom from that organization. Thank you Ray for all your help in my own journey. You were a very loving Christian. RIP.

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