Witnesses at my door

I hadn’t seen Jehovah’s Witnesses in my neighborhood for the longest time. Usually I only see the ones from the JW couple in field serviceSpanish-speaking Kingdom Halls. They come to my door and just ask if I speak Spanish, which I really can’t carry on a very good conversation.  So they always go away, since their first language is Spanish, and mine is English.  So needless to say, I was quite surprised to get a knock on my door and find some English-speaking JWs!

They seemed to be a nice couple in their early to mid 30s.  Their names are Kim and Ken.  Anyway, when I opened the door to them, since I don’t have a screen door, I invited them to come in.  I told them I couldn’t stand there with the door open since I had pet cats and didn’t want them to escape outside.  So they came in.   Yes – I do have cats and I really didn’t want them to get out of the house.

Ken presented the January 1st Watchtower and the January Awake! magazines to me.  (Remember the Awake! is only published once a month now.)  He talked about a time that there would be no sickness and death and asked me if I believed in that.  I said, “Well of course. I believe in a time that there will be no sickness or death and I believe in the promises from the Bible that Jesus Christ gave to us, by the sacrifice of His own life.”

They looked at me with a surprised look and said, “Do you read the Bible?”  I replied, “Well, I’ve been reading the Bible a very long time and I believe in reading it chapter by chapter, verse by verse.”  Ken replied that the Watchtower magazine has scripture referenced so that one can understand the Bible completely without having to read the whole thing – “because the Bible is so hard to read.”

I told him that I had no trouble reading the Bible and that I believed in reading it independently without the help of commentaries or other types of books.  I told him that I believed that it’s very dangerous to read scripture out of context because you can get an incorrect meaning from just doing a “hodge podge” of scripture. I told him that I was involved in a Bible study where I was going over the book of John with another lady who is a new Christian.  We just sit there and read the text and discuss what Jesus meant when he said various things about Himself.

I was referring to Jesus and every time He said “I am.” (There are 7 “I AMs” in the book of John.)  I mentioned how Jesus said “I am the bread of life” and “DID YOU KNOW THAT BETHLEHEM MEANS HOUSE OF BREAD?”  (I knew that they didn’t know that!)

I talked about how Jesus talked with the Jews and how the Pharisees listened to him, ultimately becoming angry and accusing Jesus of having a demon.  In fact, those Pharisees were trying to attribute the miracles of Jesus to Satan!  I went on a little more concerning things that Jesus said and did while He was on Earth.

Do you see what I was doing?  I was getting them out of their own script so that I could speak and have my say.  I did not let them control the conversation. I talked to them about things they probably never really stopped to think about – because it’s not taught in their literature or at the Kingdom Hall.

It’s very important if you decide to speak to JWs that you get them off the set path that they are on.  I DID NOT discuss their doctrines with them, because they would have been back on the same old track. Instead, they were caught off-guard and off-track.

They really didn’t know what to say to me.  They said that they never meet people in their door to door work who know so much about the Bible.  I told them that’s because most people probably don’t study the Bible like I and most of my friends do.  I also told them that my circle of friends are very well versed in the Bible and we read and discuss it frequently.  My husband taught adult Sunday School for many years, and so we (my hubby and I) discuss the Bible all the time.

They asked what church I attended and I told them the Evangelical Covenant Church.  Kim asked, “Is that church in Downey?”  I told said, “Yes, it’s called Redeemer Covenant Church and we have some really good Bible classes there on Sundays after our services.”  They told me that they didn’t know that churches had such Bible study.  (I was chuckling inside because most churches that I’ve been to have some really good Bible Study.)

They asked me if I still wanted the magazines.  I said, “Well, only if they are free.”  So they responded, “Well yes, they are free,” and he handed them over.  I told them to come again if they are in the neighborhood.

I don’t know if they really will come back. But if you can remember today, please pray that for Kim and Ken the veil of error would be lifted from their eyes.

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2 Responses to Witnesses at my door

  1. christian B. peper says:

    I don’t want to single out any particular religious organization for criticism, but rather, to offer a cautionary tale regarding cultic involvement. While living in the state of Arizona in 2004, I became roommates with a Jehovah Witness cult member. My roommate, using the same mind control tools that were used on him, gradually took away my freedom and my most basic civil rights. Cults are about CONTROL of people. I respect even strange beliefs but CONTROL and MANIPULATION by a cult is wrong.
    Some mind control tools used by cults are: Consistency, Reciprocity, Social Proof, Authority, Love Bombing, Intimidation, and Confessions. Educate yourself about cult mind control. A good article is here: http://www.freeminds.org/psychology/mind-control/mind-control-or-brainwashing.html

  2. mike says:

    @christian B. peper – sorry to hear this nonsence were u actualy sure that the room mate was a JW?
    or some new study ?leke the owner of this web that prsents herself as JW but is clear that she never got Bapthize so she was just a study no a JW as for her God Loving coment Because he loves Us he will cleance this earth the oportunity to enter in the new order is open to all!!!! or maybe you believe in the bible but not in Noah? do you?
    if so why the same God allow those people to Die? and only Noah and his family survived? sounds paralel to Armagedon they were preach upon for 40 years and God advise then of the End 120 years before time, and what about Moses and egipt? Umm i wonder if only you reserach a little more the truth will you think the same?
    Because the Last example we have is Jesus dead God Jehovah could have avoided his dead but did not ( we know the purpose of that) but my point is you cant be so bold to think you know Gods Mind

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