How Landscape Design is important for Home Gardens?

Landscape design for home gardens is a way of arranging your garden’s features so as to divide elements in your home as either living or non-living elements. In this way therefore, your garden will look attractive.

If you walk around nowadays you will realise people have seen the importance of designing the land and indeed it has various and meaningful significance as listed below;

Landscape Design Help Prevent Soil Erosion 

Soil erosion occurs where the an area is bare meaning there is no trees and any vegetation cover. Agents of soil erosion like running water destroys the beauty of nature by carrying away sand which could have been used in agriculture.

You can reduce soil erosion by landscape design in your garden. Introducing different ways of preventing soil erosion for instance planting trees and other vegetation like grass in your home garden require proper design.

It Helps in Water Management

Landscape design for home gardens help in management of water in many ways. Water collected during rainy season can be used to sprinkle your garden, depending on the design of your land.

Dams as well, created by blocking running water through building of gabions, can be used in the garden.

People plant trees in their land to attract rainfall and reduce lack of water. Trees are also water catchment areas hence water management.

It Brings a Cooling Effect

Proper land design helps in bringing a cooling effect. Presence of trees and other vegetation attracts rainfall which then lower the temperature of an area.

When there is a high temperature, people become sick and uncomfortable and they are required to spend a lot money purchasing air conditioners for survival.

Landscape Designing Protects the Environment 

Environment is anything that surrounds a human being, for instance houses. Afforestation in a compound help in preventing strong winds from blowing off roofs thus protecting the environment. Strong winds also make plants to wind due to high rate of evapotranspiration and this is rectified by intense planting trees.

The other part of non-living things of environment is air. Whenever there is rain there is a cool environment meaning that the air is free from pollutants hence healthy surroundings.

How Well Can We Do Landscape Design for Home Gardens?

First of all, one should identify who and how many people are in the home garden which is the most determining factor in landscape design. For instance if there are children at home then there must be a playing ground for them.

Landscape designing is best applied when the piece of land is large enough to accommodate every home activity to take place. The design will be easier and successful if you need your land to be more attractive.

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