Procedure for Shopify Set Up

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Step by step procedure for Shopify set up is all what you need as an entrepreneur determined to launch online store. Actually the very first step is an idea, inspiration and your unique value proposition.

Signing up and adding your products

Visit the and fill in your data. Mainly the form includes the store name which is permanent and unique. Thereafter, add a custom domain for the storefront such as

Shopify  will later create a store for you within a minute.

When adding your products, you must consider the type of products intended to sell. This will determine the online store design, price policy and shipments. ln your store back office, go to products and add product. Fill in the title and describe your products in a unique way by answering all consumers’ questions that may arise. List the product materials and provide in details the return and refund policies. Reassure customers by explaining to them the history of the product and why the visitor should buy from you.Involve images to help customers to see by themseves the quality of your products.

Choose the theme and configure the back office

Select the perfect theme of your store by creating the key features of your store. Review the available themes and pay attention to the number of buyer’s reviews. You may also consider hiring a Shopify expert agency to build a unique name for your business.

By configuring the back office you must consider a number of features. Shipping options will depend on the weight and size, shipping destination and product packaging. Shopify allows free shipping depending on the product type and location. ln this case you should consider shipping cost in your final price of the product. Flat rates shipping are good for stores with similar products while carrier rates are more complex but suitable when shipping large stocks worldwide.

This is just like any other business and paying taxes is a must. In addition to that, you will be expected to collect VAT forms on the most of the products too.

Have a payment plan that suits you and your consumers. There is a number of payment plans such as paypal etc. So you will be required to explain to your customers your mode of payments. Payment allows you to configure checkout in multiple currencies.

Configure custom realm and launch

Custom domain is the last step in the procedure for Shopify set up. Instead of using whichever, purchase your unique domain from Shopify or another registrar company. Here you can disable the password protection for accessibility by your customers. After disabling the password, now show the sell of your products and finally tell the world you are open for business.

In conclusion, procedure for Shopify set up is crucial to everyone interested for online market. l do believe with this guidelines you are ready to go and make  successful move in Shopify set up.

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