Pros and Cons of Apartment Rental Companies when Leasing Property

You may have moved into a new town a few times and realized how difficult it is to find a place to settle in at the beginning. Today, you no longer have to struggle to find a new home because there are companies that specialize in letting rental apartments on behalf of landlords Cap rentals in Edmonton

This article weighs the pros and cons of using apartment rental companies when you need a home or business premises to let. 


When you use a rental company, you are likely to experience the convenience of not having to scour the whole town looking for a suitable property to let. You would have to check every listing magazine for a vacant apartment, make dozens of calls to confirm availability and actually visit the premises to inspect whether the unit meets your expectations. 

A real estate agent will show you a variety of apartments and prices and you get to choose which one fits your budget. This is important in ensuring that you not only find a place you can afford, but also a suitable design and size. 

A rental company can also provide you with information on various estates or locations within a larger metropolis such as availability of public transport, nearby schools and other amenities, crime rates and so on. All this information will help you to decide which side of the town is best for you. 

Another great benefit of using rental companies is that you can negotiate your lease with a professional real estate agent and participate in the drafting of your lease agreement. Landlords are known to issue non-negotiable contracts with terms that are often cast in granite. 


During disasters, insurance companies usually overlook real estate agents when making indemnity decisions, which complicate matters for tenants. Tenants would have to look at the contractual relationship between the landlord and the agent to determine whether there are any provisions relating to compensation, extended to them. Otherwise, tenants would have to buy a separate policy for their property during the tenancy period. 

In the absence of a legally binding agreement, apartment rental companies may exploit tenants by an arbitrary increase of the lease, introduction of additional costs and structural changes to the leased property. This may be a source of conflict which may end up in courts or tribunals for arbitration, further raising costs. 

Real estate companies usually enforce strict rules when it comes to payment. Tenants will be evicted swiftly when they default since the agents work hand in hand with debt collectors. They also impose heavy penalties and can be extremely ruthless and inhumane when dealing with defaulting tenants. 

In all, apartment rental companies seem to work to the advantage of both the landlord and tenant. However, to have a cordial relationship, there must be a binding agreement that is acceptable to all parties and that is enforceable, just to ensure no one gets hurt. The absence of such a legal agreement is a recipe for misunderstanding, chaos and protracted lawsuits.